Tree Climb

Letting Kids be Kids

When we run too aggressively in the rat race, we sometimes inadvertently drag our kids into the madness with us, and they no longer have the ability or freedom to just be kids. We get one shot at childhood, only one chance to have the freedom and joy that is part of the privilege of being a child, one shot to learn how to navigate in this world, and only one shot to grow up into who we are going to become.


Unschool, Homeschool, What School, Who School

My homeschooling experience often feels like I’m in the middle of a Dr. Seuss book filled with lots of confusing characters and creatures, all embarking on an outlandish journey culminating in something that actually makes sense in the end, all tied up with a great life lesson. I decided to homeschool Jaden and Rowan three years ago for all sorts of reasons, a few of which I will highlight here