Not Your Typical Before and After

Ever met someone who was just a bad ass at everything in life?  Someone who looked great, preformed well, was an athletic machine, could probably eat rocks and still excel at life?  Nope, it’s definitely NOT me.  I happen to be a little sensitive butterfly who after years of wrecking my body with the wrong food FINALLY figured out what I could and couldn’t eat in order to thrive – and then, and only then did I start to realize my potential. But back to those lucky folks; the ones who say, “Why do I need to eat paleo?” “I’m a well oiled machine and all is well with my so no thank you folks!”

Well, that was my husband.  Kind of.  When I first started my paleo journey he was always, (and those of you who have read my in depth story in my first book know), the most supportive, loving, invested person I could have ever dreamed to share this ride with.  He ate what I cooked but still would not really stay strict when he had the option to (going out, beer now and then, if it’s there he’d eat it sort of thing, etc.) After seeing my life changing results and really getting excited about working out at Norcal Strength and Conditioning did he decide to clean up his food act as much as possible and try his hand at this paleo lifestyle with less and less cheats and more dedication to see how it might affect his performance in the gym.

What did strict paleo do for John?  Well, yes, it kicked up his bad-assery a notch in the athletic department, better recover, less injury, improved sleep and stress reduction, and he noticed more energy during the day during his demanding job of being a busy chiropractor – less crashes in the afternoon and more mental clarity.  All great stuff but nothing extremely earth shattering except for one significant change that neither of us even thought about when we started this paleo journey.

As long as I have known John, he’s had some discoloration on his back, arms, and chest. John has beautiful skin but has always hated the discoloration that started years ago in high school and began to get worse and more noticeable over the years.  He never got a clear diagnosis and just learned to live with it.  He never had any symptoms or discomfort beyond just the cosmetic nuisance and some minor irritation and he simply learned to live with it.  Well, guess what.  He no longer has to just “live with it!” Like so many other of the rock solid folks out there that don’t really “need to eat paleo” after they give it a real go they begin to notice changes in their bodies that they never even thought were related to food!

My guess is that John’s discoloration was caused by Tinea Versicolor, a skin disorder caused by an overgrowth of yeast in the skin; something that diet can play a huge roll in reversing but is often overlooked by our medical community.

Take a look below at John’s before and after pics to see the stunning results for yourself.


There was a six month gap between these before and after pics.

What results have you noticed after eating paleo that you were surprised to find?  What are you grateful that you no longer have to just “live with”?  Let us know in the comments!

As always, enjoy!

Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is an international best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of the Chico, CA based gym JS Strength and Conditioning, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise. Sarah is the co-host of the popular Sarah and Dr. Brooke Show podcast and she also conducts workshops and retreats on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.

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  1. Andrea Esposito says:

    wow! That is awesome. I am new at Paleo way of eating. But I finally got my husband to stop eating bagels and coffee. He feels the difference in his body so this picture shows how food really effects our bodies.

  2. Lisa@ Autoimmune, Paleo and YOU says:

    Any change that makes us feel better, is a fabulous change!!
    Way to go John!!

  3. Great results! We have seen a difference in our family since starting Paleo 8 weeks ago…we all just feel better. Plus we’ve added some natural supplements. As you say in your book, we don’t cheat, because it’s not a diet. Only a few times have we chosen to eat something non-paleo, and most of the times we decided afterwards that it wasn’t worth it. Looking forward to the next book!

  4. Andrea Pokorny says:

    I’m starting a 30 day strict Paleo diet on Monday. I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen. I’ll keep you posted if any out-of-the-ordinary-awesomeness occurs. My husband is living vicariously through me… but I have a feeling he will be joining me once my results start happening! (I’m also starting the OnRamp Cross Fit training on the 5th)!!! Super scared. 🙂

  5. Clark says:

    This is interesting. I can relate somewhat because I’ve never really had health or weight problems. Not saying I’m a “John” or anything. Weight or health has never really been a problem to maintain for me. I’ve been eating paleo for a couple months and it’s helped athletic performance some. But honestly, I really can’t find many reasons not to cheat. It’s fun. It’s delicious. I don’t really notice any side effects. Staying strict has been difficult.

    All I’m saying is that I appreciate this perspective because if this kind of change is happening on the surface, I can only imagine what kinds of changes are happening below. That is motivating to me.

  6. Alana Plesner says:

    Amazing! I wonder if my husbands skin issues would clear up if he went paleo. I have been experimenting with eating paleo for about a year but got serious about it a month ago after a terribly painful IBS bout. I’m slowly becoming a better cook, your first book has been a big help. Hopefully I can transition my family to full paleo soon.

  7. I’m doing paleo since the beginning of May. In a month my eczema was gone on my hands. Less dandruff too. And the happy thing I currently lost 40 pounds. Never felt better than right now. I combined it with crossfit at CrossFit Laval.

    1. john says:

      Cedric that’s great, we saw eczema go away with the kiddo’s also.

  8. Tiffany H says:

    I’m so glad I read this blog! I was diagnosed with Tinea Versicolor in my early twenties and still have it. The discolored skin on my back has always bothered me. I recently changed my eating habits and now follow a Paleo lifestyle. I’m hoping I will see changes with my skin in the following months!

  9. Annie says:

    I have always had little bumpies/rough skin on my upper arms and thighs/butt – like permanent goose bumps. The dermatologist said it was something-or-other-condition that was a lack of ability to slough off dead skin and told me to use some sort of lotion on it. I never did that…but then Paleo…and my arms/thighs now have super smooth skin. I just love it and can’t believe the difference which I attribute solely to Paleo. I have wanted to go back and tell that dermatologist all about it, but that would require going to see a doctor, which I avoid like the plague.

    1. Wenchypoo says:

      That goes for me too. Cottage cheese thighs and bumpy arms/butt–GONE! Most of my gray hair–GONE!

      1. Heather says:

        I’ve notices the little bumpies on my upper arms are getting better and I’ve only been paleo for 3 weeks!

  10. chuck says:

    did sun exposure change? he still appears to have some discoloration but i wonder if tanning could have made the difference?

    1. Sarah says:

      Tanning is not what made the skin discoloration go away. I’ve known John for 13 years, married to him for almost 11 and have seen him all various shades of brown due to seasonal sun exposure and the skin discoloration was always the same until he started eating paleo – only thing that ever made a difference. In fact, it was only getting worse over the years – tan or no tan.

    2. john says:

      There’s a bit more color in the after pic and still some discoloration, but definitely more improvement than I’ve ever seen in my skin no matter the time of year. Aside from the visual changes in the pics I’ve noticed less irritation with having my shirt off during workouts, less redness and rash type breakouts, and just overall less skin issues in general. For me it’s been just another great benefit from eating this way.

      1. Melissa says:

        I’ve had the same thing on my back since high school. A few years ago, at the age of 33, my doctor said it was Tinea Versicolor. The medicine she prescribed didn’t really help, and I figured I would just live with it forever. I started eating mostly Paleo about a year ago. A few weeks ago, I happened to catch a glimpse of my back and was shocked to see the discoloration had disappeared! I showed my husband, and he was stunned, too. I had this feeling that it was related to the Paleo eating, so it’s reassuring to see this post. Thanks for sharing!

  11. cherie says:

    After a few years of “living with” an autoimmune disease I decided it was time to figure out why my body was attacking itself and leaving nasty itchy purple rashes on my body. No amount of cream, pills, ultra violet therapy was working. I stumbled across the paleo lifestyle and decided that was for me…I had afew set backs at first..standing in my kitchen wondering what to eat…I went out and bought “Everyday Paleo” and everything changed from that moment on. After a few weeks My rashes started to disappear my athritic pains went and have not been back in 7 months. Thank you Paleo ! Im stronger and healthier than ive ever been. Big smiles !!

  12. That’s fantastic! I’ve been seriously considering if switching to the Paleo diet would help with my skin discoloration. It started during high school as well and has slowly worsen. I’ve see a few dermatologists before and their prescriptions / treatment did not help at all. This is very encouraging.

  13. He looks great – what a wonderful sign that he is doing the right things!

  14. NJ Paleo says:

    I’m one of the people who didn’t “need” to start paleo either — just made a choice to do so after reading so much about what wheat, etc., can do to the body. As expected, I found that my bloating, gas, and other assorted gastrointestinal issues ceased after going paleo; plus, I am more alert during the day and sleep better at night. All things to be expected. What I didn’t expect was that a rough patch of skin which I’ve had for YEARS down my right forearm (this is the only place on my body where I have this) that wouldn’t go away after any amount of scrubbing, loofah-ing, moisturizing, etc., is now gone. I have no idea what it was, but I guess it doesn’t matter now!

  15. Miki says:

    I also have a rock star husband. He is an ironman and wrestling coach. Even in his 40’s he is ridiculously fit and muscular – I know, super annoying. Anywho, we’ve been paleo for 6 months. Which (side note) has given our 15-year-old son his health back after being very, very ill for 8 years. Back to my husband…his allergies are significantly better and (this is crazy) but his hair is looking sweet. Seriously, mine too. Has anyone ever heard of this? Neither of us has ever had particularly great hair. But both of us have commented lately that our hair feels softer and thicker. Very, very weird.

  16. Kenneth says:

    I noticed the following changes after being Paleo now for 20 months:
    1 Sleep in the eye when waking up in the morning was gooey and not crusty like when I was kid. After Paleo, no more sleep in the eye in the morning.
    2 no more excessive buildup of wax in the ears.
    3 no more constant runny nose.
    4 Eczema and/or seborrheic dermatitis on multiple areas of the body is so much better but not completely gone.
    5 The Eczema/SD was also really bad around my eyes and caused the whites of my eyes to be red or appear bloodshot which is now also almost completely gone.
    6 Cracks in the lips at the corner of my mouth are less frequent if not all gone.
    >>All of the above comes back within a day or two of cheating with bad food.
    7 Lost 25 pounds in 60 days or even less after starting Paleo without trying (I wasn’t paying attention to my weight loss until friends started pointing it out). During the first 60 days I remained at the same level of exercise and physical activity I had been doing before.
    8. Massage therapist has told me that my muscles are much more pliable now instead of being rigid and stiff.

    I would have not begun my Paleo Journey or considered the lifestyle if my Chiro had not convinced me that the Eczema was a result of my body reacting to the foods I was putting into, basically warning me to stop eating bad food.

  17. Trisha says:

    WOW WOW WOW… finally, I realized there was a name to something I have. For 15+ years, I too figured it was just some normal discoloration that I would have to live with forever. Doctors didnt diagnose it as anything. I am 24 days into strict paleo (whole30) and was gonna splurge day 31 and just relax a little on the diet, but now that I could possibly get rid of this… I think I will see what happens 6 months from now!!! Thank you SOOO much for sharing! Let me research this thing now!… WOW.

  18. lara says:

    Hi There-great results. I am so keen to try Paleo diet however I worry alot about all that is written about it being to low carb and causing thyroid and adrenal problems in women to be worse. Where can I get some info on Paleo that addresses these concerns.

    1. Nancy says:

      Lara: Paleo does not have to be low carb. You can eat sweet potatoes, winter squash, carrots, and any other root veggies that you like. I eat way more root veggies than my husband does, and I’m guessing that many women need those good carbs. I’ve read bits and pieces about this all over the different Paleo blogs and books but unfortunately can’t think of a specific place for you to go for that information right now.

    2. Jason says:

      Hi Lara – It’s not just women! As a guy with a very high metabolism, I developed thyroid/adrenal issues on a low-carb Paleo diet (cold extremities, exhaustion, rapid heart rate, anxiety attacks, negative moods, very low body weight, etc.). I thought that I was getting enough carbs by eating plenty of vegetables (as suggested by Primal advocate Mark Sisson), but I thought wrong! Follow Nancy’s advice and incorporate more root vegetables into your meals. I also started added white rice (gasp!) because it is a safe starch, albeit devoid of nutrients. I now feel so much better (just started a day ago). You should check out the Perfect Health Diet – it’s basically Paleo with an emphasis on getting enough safe starches. The more strict sects of the Paleo/Primal community need to to address this carb issue – the vilification of carbs is wrong and misleading.

    3. Sarah says:

      Hi Lara,
      Paleo does not NOT have to mean low carb, which is why I personally love this lifestyle because it’s focused on figuring out what works for YOU and it does not mean following blocks, measurements, or other protocols that simply do not work for everyone. You have to play around with your food options and decide what works best for who you are. I ate lower carb paleo when my goal was fat loss but I still would eat starchier carbs after workouts and now I don’t really think about low carb, and my diet consists of starchier carbs like sweet potatoes, winter squash, sometimes white or purple potatoes without the skin, etc. I hope that helps!! The most important thing to focus on when eating paleo is YOUR health and what you need to do to feel the best you can!

  19. eema gray says:

    Boy do I have stories for you. 🙂 My son, who will be 5 in December, was diagnosed with apraxia of speech 2 years ago. It’s a neurological condition that can be corrected with speech therapy. We were, naturally, told that food has nothing to do with his difficulty speaking and that the only thing we could do was soldier on with the therapy until he catches up with his peers. Well, he’s been doing that and the progress over 2 years has been pretty impressive. What’s more impressive is his two weeks on a “paleo-esk” diet (the date for “exceptions to the rule” is Sept 1 but I’ve been working on the transition for a couple weeks now). The child who spoke mostly in phrases, at best, is using full sentences. The child who routinely dropped the ending sounds of his words can say them completely and clearly. He’s asking (and understanding) the 5 W’s questions. He’s always had a light rash on his legs, not severe enough to be excema but nothing either. It’s going away (that’s probably a dairy rash, that one).
    My older daughter, 3 in October, has had problems with her balance ever since she learned to walk. She would stumble over nothing and she couldn’t run in grass at all because she was forever falling on the uneven ground. Last two weeks, she’s running better and sitting better as well.
    For me, the most interesting change is in my baby girl, 5 months old. ALL of my kids had nasty, thick craddle cap on their heads, that didn’t really go away until they were close to 2 years old. The baby got it within 2 weeks of birth and has had it ever since. A couple days ago, I looked down at her head and realized that her craddle cap is flaking off on it’s own, no encouragement from me needed. Guys, I wish I’d known about this when my son was a baby! Maybe the craddle cap was the first indication of food issues and we could have spared ourselves some of the agony of him not being able to talk if only we’d changed up diet back then.

    1. Sarah says:

      Wow, that’s phenomenal!

  20. Your husband’s results are amazing! I’ve only been eating Paleo for a little over a month and my acne has disappeared and I no longer have stomach pains after eating. I used to have stomach aches within an hour after almost every single meal. No more!!

  21. Lisa says:

    I am a fairly healthy 26 year old. Although I’ve also been reasonably healthy for most of my life, I always struggled with post prandial hypoglycemia.(Blood sugar crashed within an hour or two of eating, even “healthy” foods.) I started a paleo diet about four weeks ago, and I quickly learned that paleo meals were the solution to my blood sugar problems! I felt warm and clear-headed after eating, as opposed to cold and fuzzy-brained. This was THE BIGGEST deal for me, and made me so happy! But other benefits are that I lost 8 pounds in three weeks without trying. Since I’m a gymnast, I’ve learned many new skills that are most like due to a combination of getting stronger and losing weight. And I ran a 5K today that I hadn’t trained for AT ALL and I felt strong throughout the whole thing! I am so excited to continue eating paleo!

  22. Heather says:

    When I was pregnant with my first child I developed small mucus cysts in the corners of my eyes. I routinely stick a needle in the largest one (about the size of 1/2 of a split pea) and drain the small amount of liquid out. I used to do it about every 10 days. Well, I did it before we started our 30 day Paleo challenge. We are now at day 20 and it hasn’t refilled yet. That’s just crazy to me and a benefit I never would have thought would come from Paleo! I am hoping continuing eating Paleo will not only help me continue to feel good and lose weight, but might heal those cysts even more!

  23. i’m definitely sharing this post with my husband. he falls into john’s category on many levels!

  24. Stacey says:

    I have Tinea Versicolor as well! All my doctors have just told me to use things like the shampoo Selson Blue on my skin to get it to go away – and it does, but then I walk around smelling funny all day… This really gives me the added motivation I was looking for to hop back onto the Paleo bandwagon now that I’m back at school and out of my parent’s house, away from my mom’s cooking.

  25. a totally amazing and satisfying outcome for john!

    i had a bakers (popliteal) cyst which, when i added paleo/primal eating to my life pilgrimage, had settled into a stay-the-course companion, not allowing me to fully straighten my left knee nor squat below about 90 degrees. a few months into the paleo process i noticed the cyst began to shrink further — after a year of no change!

    now, 7 months later, the cyst is still present but so very tiny that i can do full squats again! i can go back to mangling pistol squats, i can sit in virasana (hero’s pose) and, as of the week before last, i have bloomed back into full lotus.

    while i’ve had other wonderful health effects, this was a pleasantly surprising unanticipated gift.

  26. Anji says:

    My husband has tinea versicolor. They gave him a special shampoo to use and over a course of three months it went away and hasn’t come back. Can’t get him to do Paleo with me, though, as much as his high-blood-pressure-pre-diabetes needs it.

  27. This is such a great example of how the Paleo lifestyle can change people’s lives. It’s not often that you hear about this type of “success” story.

  28. Rachel says:

    How funny, looked at pics before reading post and thought to myself, he doesn’t look too different, except that his back looked less discolored, thought it was the camera, then read the post….amazing difference!

    1. Sarah says:

      That’s funny! I was waiting for someone to do that! LOL!

  29. My husband used to have rashes all over his back ever since he could remember and the rashes disappeared within 3-4 months into our low-carb/primal diet. This is very unexpected because we mainly followed this diet to lose excess weight. 😛

  30. I was diagnosed years ago with fibromyalgia. That was complete phooey, because once i was on paleo for several months or more my symptoms were GONE. I believe they were caused by a soy intolerance. If i decide to have some gluten free soy sauce with sushi, or in a recipe….i usually end up having some of those same fibromyalgia symptoms. Hooray for eating paleo!

  31. Sarah says:

    Thanks, Sarah! My husband had the same thing for a few years, we had no idea what it was. Maybe 9 months after eating strict Paleo, it went away completely.

  32. Morgen says:

    After going paleo , I no longer have dark circles under my eyes that I’ve had since a little kid. My asthma is gone, I no longer have post nasal drip, I lost 15 lbs. and my arthritis is about half of what it was. The most surprising thing is my attitude is much better. I just feel better all the time.

  33. Sophie says:

    Hi guys, started paleo more than 2 months ago. Reason was a hypothyroidism, diagnosed 13 years ago, when I was 23. I have been trying to loose weight all these years which hasn’t been easy because my 3 sons were all born during a 4.5 year period all with C-section. All 3 were breastfed for a year, which made me really fat. My goal was to loose 40 pounds. It is a slow process unfortunately, not like other stories. I am down about 8 so far. Exercising was a real stress in the beginning, I am doing much better now, but still not on a daily basis. The most fascinating thing that happened was my really painful and unpredictable periods became regular and not painful at all. My heartburn, which I experienced everyday is gone altogether. I’m trying to put the family on the lifestyle as well, my husband is on, but I’m having trouble with my 3 kids. The eldest is a very active athlete, but very picky. He is very muscular but too thin for his age and height. He won’t eat a lot of paleo foods (I’m cooking from your first book, can’t wait for the second to arrive), and he has lost 6 pounds during his 3 weeks of paleo. The other two has been loosing weight as well, but that is welcomed as they are a bit overweight. Dear Sarah, can you help me with some thoughts for my eldest son’s diet? Thanks

  34. Sarah says:

    I’ve always had dry, flaky skin on my scalp and on my face near my scalp. I went Paleo and gave up caffeine (for my vertigo) and my skin has cleared up completely. I’m not sure which cured my skin irritations, but I’m sticking with both dietary changes as I haven’t had a dizzy spell, rash, or bad night of sleep since.

  35. I went grain free 47 days ago and Paleo two weeks ago. What I noticed within the first two weeks of going grain free was the absence of blood sugar lows and food cravings. I have been “borderline” hypoglycemic since college and have had a few experiences of just passing out in public. In order to avoid this I had to eat all the time. I was eating in response to light headedness instead of to hunger. Now I eat in response to hunger. It’s amazing how long I can go without needing to eat when I am at work. The added bonus I’ve discovered has been loosing almost all motion sickness. I can now read in the car for long periods of time when before just a glance at a map would make me sick for an hour.

  36. Malene says:

    Maybe its just my imagination, but Im sure, I have less grey hairs, than a year a go!

  37. Wow guys…..this is so awesome. I’m eating a FLOUR-BASED CAKE RIGHT NOW and I think it’s my last one for a very very long time… I have always had bumpy, unclear skin, an occasional motion sickness, super painful periods, dark eyebags and…well, many issues that you have cured with eating Paleo. I’ll give it a go, it sounds great. It’ll be hard giving up rice and I will probably cheat on that, but otherways, PALEO. I’m amazed!

  38. Alastair Gill says:

    The reason for the improvement can easily be explained by absorbing a new understanding of the body works. The body needs to be kept alkaline at 7.365 and will do whatever to ensure it stays so.
    The skin is one of four means of removing toxins from the body through perspiration, along with respiration, defecation and urination.
    When the body is overly acid through consuming processed foods, sugars, soft drinks, etc it has to remove these ‘acids’ by whatever means it can which means pushing them out to the extremities to be eliminated; or encapsulating them in fat, sending them away from the organs and dealing with them later if and when the body is more alkaline – if that is at all possible.
    Hence this is where weight gain and drastic weight loss comes from – the absorption and then removal of acidic waste.

  39. Bobbie says:

    Hi, was just looking for meal suggestions mmmm cod for dinner tonight, we are relatively new with Paleo, and feeling great so far into our 3rd week, my reason to comment though has nothing to do with, Paleo it has to do with your husbands skin discoloration could very well be improved from the benefits of Paleo, I have the same discoloration also and in the winter it seems more promident.. I have hemochromatosis, Iron overload.. of course it shows up for women during menopause, for men it shows up much earlier, can I suggest that you just have a look it is a genetic disorder, also not always diagnosed either as it does need genetic testing, Just something I like to share, I added the website for you to have a look, just an observation and always like to inform people of hemochromatosis.
    Looking forward to reading Everyday Paleo and enjoying our new lifestyle

  40. Lynne K Kypuros says:

    Hello, I have been eating pretty strict paleo for over 2 years now along with one of my daughters, and the rest of the family is more or less paleo because I am the chef and the grocery shopper. I have 3 kids and with the birth of each of them came a little worsening of my typical “PMS” symptoms. Sugar cravings, and moodiness and bloating. I honestly felt like each week of the month I was suffering from some type of “PMS” symptom. There are three girls in our family and the joke was our moods/feelings were the result of some form of “PMS”-premenstral syndrome, presentmenstral syndrome or postmenstral syndrome! After eliminating gluten from my diet my PMS disappeared!! The start of my period actually took me by suprise! Our family has seen other great results from this diet, but if this is all I need to convince me that my diet controls a lot of my health!

  41. vanessa says:

    Rosacea skin rash 27years – gone!!! Inflamed shoulder/neck pain 7years – almost gone. Weak nails – growing
    fast and strong!! Fat shift – less on the hips and more on the breasts!! Energy levels and recovery from
    workouts – doubled!! Eczema on neck – gone!! Chemical sensitivities – easing!! Only three months in.

  42. Hi Sarah!
    I had the exact same results as John when I went strict paleo. I was sick of having my Tinea versicolor and it was starting to spread out of control. I couldn’t find anything online that linked exactly paleo to healing Tinea versicolor, but from my research about the yeast overgrowth, it seemed like removing most of the sugars from my diet and healing my gut would do the trick, and it did! I’m really happy you posted this so that I could see someone else had the same benefits and that it wasn’t a fluke.

    Loving your cookbook!

  43. Bill says:

    I have been doing fairly strict paleo for the last 3 months. Besides lowering my cholesterol from 228 to 172 and Triglyerides 185 to 82, (cholesterol has been in 220-260 range for almost 20 years and TG’s varied from high 100;’s to mid 500’s, I have had a chronic case of athlete’s foot on my left foot for years. It was gone after a few weeks of paleo. Remember, skin problems are an indication of what is going on in your gut, as it is all connected and developed from the same layer embryologically.

  44. I was taken down to the theatre, everywhere was spotless, i would honestly say it was more hygenic than some hospitals I had been to in Australia.
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  45. Alice says:

    I did a 6 week detox, which was basically a paleo diet (though I didn’t realise it to start off with). I lost nearly 20lb, my periods have shortened considerably and, most amazing, the cellulite on my thighs has gone. Just gone. Fantastic. Am now trying to go properly paleo, though living in the Middle East, I am finding some issues getting my hands on grass fed meat/eggs and raw milk. It seems to me that, if you just give it a go – instead of scoffing at it – you will find huge benefits. Those who scoff, scoff. Those who don’t, benefit!

  46. I’m a huge proponent and follower of the Primal/Paleo diet, but the one thing about this I don’t like is how the photos were taken in two different places… the lighting is so different, it doesn’t give the “wow factor” this article needs.

  47. Odette says:

    Wow, amazing accounts of how paleo is creating positive change in people’s lives. I’ve started Paleo/Primal this week & despite being sleep deprived (youngest child anxious with Dad being overseas atm), I feel surprisingly alert, even in the afternoons when I would usually get ‘brain dog’ around 2pm I’m feeling pretty fine. Plus my ‘normal’ mood swings have disappeared! Thank you for sharing everybody, love your blog Sarah, really inspiring.

  48. Odette says:

    Oops I meant to write ‘brain fog’!!!

  49. Nicole says:

    I’ve been Paleo for a little over a month and sadly have noticed no benefits yet. I went Paleo in hopes of clearing inflammatory skin issues…eczema, yeast folliculitis, redness and inflammation on face. I’ve lost 20 lbs in a month and am concerned I’m getting underweight but not sure how to stabilize it. I also noticed I’m getting constipated and often have cramping after meals even though im also taking high quality probiotics. My eczema has flared on my hands and legs…although winter cold is playing a part I’m sure. I don’t want to give up after hearing all the success stories but is this normal and how long should I continue before I decide this isn’t the right diet for me? Thanks for any input as I’m totally new to this lifestlye.

    1. Hi Nicole, well without looking at a food log and knowing more about you in general it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what’s happening but I would guess you have some sort of autoimmune component happening and might do well doing more of an autoimmune approach? We are having a free webinar coming up next week – you’ll get a lot of info and be able to ask specific questions, here’s the link to sign up if you want to join us!

  50. Natalie says:

    I thought you’d like to know that the page containing your “after” photo is broken and/ or the page it links to is missing. I enjoyed the article. 🙂

    1. thanks – fixed it

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