Let’s Get Our Fat Back!!!!

Remember when Grandma’s cooking tasted so much better than mom’s, remember when McDonald’s french fries were actually edible, remember when FAT was not a bad word and that a jar of bacon grease on the counter equaled guaranteed goodness and not the devil itself sitting there ready to strike you dead with heart disease? Some of you might not remember because this was back in the 70’s before the USDA decided that saturated fat was bad and instead recommended we only use highly refined polyunsaturated seed and vegetable oils that are actually one of the culprits contributing to our chronic health decline and the villain largely responsible for everything from heart disease to obesity, and cancer. So, what should we do? Well most of you have already done it. You ditched the nasties that are/were making us so unhealthy, clearing your cupboards of vegetable oils, gluten containing grains, and refined sugars. You started eating real food again including animal FAT and you and your family are among the many that are no longer just surviving but thriving.

However, we need an army, a big huge real food army in order to create any sort of significant change and the good news is, we can start asking (demanding) for what we want to see in our stores and with that we can keep the foods that make us healthy more accessible, affordable, and easier for the masses to find.

What exactly is  this call to action all about you ask? I’m so excited to share with all of you that dear friends at Fatworks received some amazing news, the USDA actually did something right, and Fatworks has been approved to sell their Beef Tallow to STORES!!!!!  FAT IS BACK baby, and I’m thrilled to support and share this amazing step towards real food taking it’s rightful place back on the shelves. So my dear readers, let’s create that Army that I mentioned above – “Sarah’s Soldiers” – for lack of better wording! Fatworks needs our help to spread the word to our local markets, co-ops and health-food stores that we want GOOD FAT back on the shelves. It’s really quite simple, ask your local establishments to please carry Fatworks Tallow and then go to this Facebook link here and let Fatworks know who you spoke to and who to contact. It’s a win-win for everyone and a giant step in taking charge of our health, our food supply, and supporting the hardworking people who want us to win the fight for REAL FOOD!!!!! Finally, for those of you who post on the Facebook link provided AND like Fatworks in the process, during the first week of April, Fatworks will give you a 15% off coupon!!

Thank you Fatworks for your dedication and for making a wonderful product good fat product I can stand by. Let’s do this! Sarah’s Soldiers Unite to get our FAT BACK on the shelves of our favorite stores!!!

Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is an international best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of the Chico, CA based gym JS Strength and Conditioning, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise. Sarah is the co-host of the popular Sarah and Dr. Brooke Show podcast and she also conducts workshops and retreats on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.

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  1. Jess K says:


    The links back to Fatworks’ page don’t work. Aghhh.

    1. I don’t know what the heck that was all about but I think everything is fixed. I’m so sorry about that!!

  2. Carla says:

    Hi Sara,

    I use coconut oil, bacon fat, and Kerry Gold for most of my cooking, but I’m wondering what types of recipes you use beef tallow for? I’m always looking to find new healthy fats and variety in my cooking, but have never used tallow.

    1. I use tallow for roasting, sautéing, and deep frying! I love to do roasted root veggies with garlic and onion using the beef tallow and I use it often in my Italian Cuisine book for a lot of the dishes that require some sort of high heat application. It’s great!!!!

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