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Roasted Eggplant Stacks

I had NO idea what to call this dish so I’ll blame my creativity lapse on my lack of brain power thanks to finally finishing the Family Cookbook, therefore;  all I could come up with was Roasted Eggplant Stacks, which is admittedly a lame name but it does the job. The dish tasted super yummy so that’s all that really matters, right? What’s the Shakespeare line? “What’s in a name…”

Just this morning I was inspired to make this breakfast/brunch thanks to the abundance of eggplant that I received from our CSA and with an effort to do something different with our bounty; besides again throwing them into a tomato sauce on top of zucchini noodles, this is what I did!

CSA Basket!

WAIT – before I give away the goods, please be creative with this one – it’s not so much a recipe as an idea, and the sky is the limit – literally.  It all really depends on how high you stack your eggplant slices!  Now go have some fun!!

Roasted Eggplant Stacks

1 Italian eggplant cut into 1/4 inch rounds

1 tomato, sliced into 1/4 inch rounds

Fresh ground pork sausage or other ground meat of your choice formed into patties about the same size as your eggplant rounds

Poached eggs

Finely diced sun dried tomatoes

Minced parsley

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Balsamic Vinegar

Coconut oil

Sea salt

1. Brush both sides of your eggplant rounds with coconut oil and sprinkle with sea salt.

2. Broil the eggplant rounds under you broiler on high heat for 4-5 minutes on one side, flip  and broil for 3-4 minutes on the other side or until they are tender and start to brown.

3. In the meantime, pan fry your sausage patties until done all the way through.

4. Poach some eggs, slice the tomatoes, dice the sun dried tomatoes, and mince the parsely.

5. Now you stack.  Place a roasted eggplant round on a plate, top with a tomato slice, a sausage patty, some diced sun dried tomatoes, and a little bit of parsley.

6. Finish it all with a drizzle of olive oil, balsamic vinegar, and black pepper to taste.

My boys wanted nothing to do with the eggplant so we did a tame version of the stack for them with just the sausage and the poached egg and then they all decided to have some olive oil and balsamic drizzled on as well and everyone was happy!

Have fun stacking and as always, enjoy!!!!


Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is an international best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of the Chico, CA based gym JS Strength and Conditioning, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise. Sarah is the co-host of the popular Sarah and Dr. Brooke Show podcast and she also conducts workshops and retreats on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.

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  1. AddieMay says:

    try eggplant pizza….so good. I made them for dinner tonight for some of my gf’s. They all loved them! I used the eggplant slices just like mini crusts. You bake for 5 minutes till eggplant is browned. Put sauce, pepperoni, fresh julienne basil, mushrooms, black olives, etc. and bake for another 5 minutes. They were absolutely delicious, a must eat with knife and fork tho:/ this is a creation from the domestic man, i just ran with his recipe…oh i even sprinkled the top with garlic powder and Italian seasoning for some extra little crunch and flavor:D

    1. Sarah says:

      GREAT idea!! Thank you!

      1. AddieMay says:

        you can add some raw dairy or goat cheese if you’re feeling like it;) so good, my boyfriend DEMOLISHED the leftovers when he got home:(

  2. Jillian says:

    I have three eggplants from my garden sitting on my counter and have been wondering what to do with them. Going to try this for breakfast!

  3. Heather says:

    Thanks for the idea! Now I know what to do for dinner!! 🙂

  4. Amber says:

    Eggplant Napoleons would be a feasible name maybe?

  5. Danielle says:

    Yum. Gonna make this soon. I’ll probably “stack” in some sauteed spinach somewhere.

    1. Joanne says:

      Great idea! Sauteed with EVOO and garlic! Maybe a bit of crushed red pepper!

  6. Oooh, I like the idea of topping it with a runny-yolk egg. Yum.

  7. Erin D. says:

    Add sass to the name by translating it to French – piles aubergines grillées. Or some other language. I was just goofing off with it on Google translate, avoid Hungarian.

    Seriously, this looks fantastic. Fun and yummy. I love the encouragement to get creative.

  8. Carmen R says:

    These were sooo good! I didn’t have sundried tomatoes so I just topped them with some avacado & pico de gallo. Very yummy!

  9. Love this, my DH doesn’t do the eggplant thing but when I make lasagna he can’t tell the difference between eggplant and pasta and eats it like it’s going out of style. Adore it grilled with evoo and garlic salt.

  10. Yum! Looks great. I’ll admit to the fact that I’ve never cooked with eggplant before…ever. I’ll have to try it now! What vegetable does it taste closest to??

    1. It tastes like God, Kati. It tastes close to god. There really isn’t a lot like it when it’s cooked well – it’s creamy, buttery…

  11. Joanne says:

    If you ever wish to rename it…maybe Eggplant Napolean?
    Like the disgustingly sweet pastry! Except this is healthy and in my opinion tastier!

    1. Joanne says:

      Oops…just started reading some of the other comments…apparently I wasn’t the only one with the idea! 🙂

  12. Gail D. says:

    Tried it as is. Absolutely delicious. All the good stuff that I got from the Farmers’ Market here in Maryland. What’s on next on your list, Sarah?!

    1. Sarah says:

      I’m posting my next recipe now!!

  13. Megan says:

    This is delicious.

  14. Diana says:

    I made this last week and I loved it! It was super easy to prepare and delicious!

  15. Marcia Wilson says:

    We tried this for breakfast this morning, wow!! The flavors were outstanding and the meal was very filling. Great idea, we needed to try something new and this was it 🙂

  16. I cooked this last night. I sliced open a spicy italian pork sausage casing and made three teeny patties (I had a small eggplant) and omitted the sundried tomatoes. I also put a teeny bit of liquid smoke on my tomatoes. This was an exceptional balancing of flavours and tasted extraordinary!

  17. jody stoops/ Cross my heart fitness says:

    I made this tonight with ground turkey. Grilled the patties then topped them with the broiled egg plant, slice of tomato, over easy fried egg in coconut oil, and sprinkled on a little feta cheese, salt and pepper yum! I even got my kids to eat it!

  18. Brittany says:

    I thought tomatoes and eggplant were not paleo? As well as potatoes and bell peppers that I see in the other recipes on here….?

    1. For some people with autoimmune issues, nightshades might be a problem, but for the majority of folks tomatoes and eggplant are fine. Most important thing is to eat seasonally.

  19. Hi,

    Had this for brekkie this morning, I used a large flat mushroom as well, very tasty !

  20. courtney love says:

    what if you’re allergic to eggs? it seems paleo people just eat eggs for breakfast. plus eating eggs everyday can’t be good for you. suggestions for other paleo breakfasts?

    1. Sarah says:

      Eating eggs everyday is not actually bad for you but you for sure don’t HAVE to eat eggs everyday! We often eat leftovers from dinner for breakfast or my kids love sausage hash which is sausage or ground beef and sweet potato cooked together. I like salmon and veggies, leftover beef stew, chicken sausages, the sky is the limit!!!! Here’s an articles you can browse through when you have a chance that gives you info about eggs as well and that they are not as scary as they are cracked up to be.

  21. Loved it for Sunday brunch just before heading out on a picnic with your cucumber summer salad in hand. Thanks for your blog.

  22. Great looking recipe for breakfast. Definitely on my list for the weekend.

  23. What a tasty looking dish! Must try out this recipe! Thank you Sarah!

  24. OMG! YUM!! I used italian hot sausage and skipped the sundried tomatoes. The balsamic didnt really work with the hot sausage (shoulda seen that one coming!), but it was fantastic just the same! I’m going to try it again with ham (because thats what I have in the fridge) and spinach with a dusting of red pepper flakes next time.

    Also, 2 of these “stackers” were really filling! GREAT RECIPE!!! Thanks!!

  25. JAK says:

    Stacks = SUPERB. My boyfriend while I was cooking said “I don’t like eggplant.” He ate half the eggplant AND 2 “stacks” will definitely be making this again and again! YUM-O

  26. Lenore says:

    I wish I could post a picture of my version of this! Thank you so much for this post! I needed a quick thing to do with my eggplant that was not slimy ad this was perfect! I actually fried the egg so the yolks were unbroken and still soft. I mixed ground turkey and italian sausage with chicken stock and diced onion for the patties, and I used olive oil with the Balsamic vinegar to brush on the eggplant before broiling. Also added a little sauteed spinach as a layer and sprinkled (very little) parmesean on it with the parsley. SO GOOD! Thank you for the idea!!!

  27. Ulyana says:

    I loved this! This recipe is a great way to switch things up during breakfast.

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