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Cooking Demo – Breakfast Paleo Pizza

We did it – our very first cooking demo!  Please take a look and let me know what you think.  I know what we need to do differently next time but I also want your feedback as well. Next time we’ll try to get more shots of  the actual food!

Breakfast Paleo Pizza

Author Sarah Fragoso



  • 8 eggs scrambled
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 3 garlic cloves minced
  • 1 tbsp dried basil
  • Pinch of sea salt
  • Black pepper to taste


  • 1/2 cup Trader Joe's Organic Marinara sauce or gluten free marinara sauce of your choice
  • 1 lb ground mild italian pork sausage
  • 1-2 sweet bell peppers diced
  • 2 roma tomatoes sliced
  • 1 cup sliced black olives
  • 3 green onions sliced


  1. In a medium sized skillet, brown the sausage and set aside.  In a large skillet heat the olive oil over medium high heat and add the minced garlic.  Saute for 2 minutes.  While the garlic is cooking, add the basil, sea salt, and pepper to the scrambled eggs and mix well.  Pour the egg mixture over the garlic in the skillet and turn the heat down to medium.  Cover and let cook for about 3 minutes, or until the bottom of the eggs are set and firm.  Do not stir or disturb the eggs while cooking.  Remove the lid and transfer the skillet to the oven and broil for another 3 minutes or until the top of the frittata is also firm.  Remove from the oven and add evenly spread the 1/2 cup of marinara sauce.  Add the cooked sausage and the rest of the toppings.  Place the pizza back in the oven and under the broiler for another 5 minutes.  Slice and serve immediately with avocado slices as a garnish!


Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is an international best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of the Chico, CA based gym JS Strength and Conditioning, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise. Sarah is the co-host of the popular Sarah and Dr. Brooke Show podcast and she also conducts workshops and retreats on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.

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  1. Awesome job Sarah, love how you kept it nice and casual with the Fam, just like the rest of us would have to.
    If I could ask for one thing it would be an over head shot of the food (like a camera 2 angle).
    I made your paleo frittata for the first time yesterday and I had hopes of having it for a couple days breakfast but we ended up eating it all yesterday. I’m excited to try the pizza now too!
    Keep it up!

    1. Thanks to everyone for all of your positive comments!! I can’t wait to shoot the next demo – my husband doesn’t know it but his true calling is to be a camera man so he better start studying up!! I made him promise to not cut off my head anymore and we will definitely get better close ups of the actual food…. Would anyone have a request? How about a demo of a current recipe that I have posted – or do you all want to see something new??

  2. Michelle says:

    This looks great! thanks for the idea of a breakfast pizza

  3. Claudia says:

    Wow! Can I come for breakfast tomorrow? 😉 Great fun to watch the video and see you guys “live” for a change. And you, Sarah, you don’t look a day over 25. Amazing!

  4. Who doesn’t like pizza in the morning? This was great.

  5. George says:

    Dear Sarah, great first attempt here. I will agree on Pat’s comment about having a 2nd camera or when the shot is on the food, let it be just on the food. There were times when your head was cut off on the top and other times when it appeared the intention was to do a close up of the food, it didn’t really come across. But a great idea here, very excited about seeing some more youtube clips. Thanks for responding to my earlier email about what you and your family drink. Now that school has started would love to see more ideas about what your kids take to school for lunches. Looking forward to your book.

  6. Wow this one is a winner! My whole family loves it. I was worried it would be like a fritatta, which I don’t care for, but it is not.

  7. I make variations of this daily… but right now I adore tuna as a topping (jarred in olive oil)… if you have ever seen the tuna brand: Tonnino Tuna they come in many different varieties and are all delicious!

  8. Nice job Sara and Jaden. Reminds me of when my oldest used to help me in the kitchen — he really enjoys cooking now when he gets the chance.
    I second the idea of the food shot from above (how to do that — climb a ladder or stand on the counter — or hang upside down from the chandelier?)
    The resolution could be a bit better but hey that’s just a want not a need because it was easy to see how to do everything.
    I think this is a great video for new cooks.
    The video flowed well — you made it look easy and the pace was nice — not too slow and ponderous — It would bear watching again and again because there isn’t too much extra unrelated stuff cluttering it up.
    The dialog was natural and instructive — move over Rachel Ray…..step aside Martha Stewart.

  9. The avocado pitting tip in the beginning looks awesome, can’t wait to try it! Thank you!

  10. Josh Snider says:


    Awesome video. This looks awesome I will be making for all the guys at the firehouse this week. Your recipes are the only way I can convince these guys to eat paleo meals haha!

    1. Thanks Josh! I’m glad I can be convincing!

  11. Michele says:

    I love love love the salmon cakes! Maybe a demo of how quick and easy they are! The hardest part for me when I first tried them, was the actual “frying” because I wasn’t proficient in frying foods. Your recipe instructions make me a cooking pro at them now. They are also so versatile, so maybe you could show how to serve them atop salad, or accompanied with your favorite veggies?

  12. Hi, Sarah. I am brand new to Paleo. I’m on day 12 of trying to eat paleo, and day 4, I think, of the 30-day challenge on Mark’s Daily Apple. I am finding this new way of thinking about food to be challenging, but I’m also excited about the changes I know it will bring if I give it enough time. My husband is not interested in going paleo with me at all, so I am very conscious of trying to find recipes that won’t be balked at in my house. I also have two young boys who, by typical American standards, eat pretty healthy, but are still very much on a grain-heavy diet. I don’t know how exactly to do it without being too preachy or overbearing, but I am determined to slowly steer our household away from grains (though I myself went cold turkey). Anyway, this video was perfect for our family. My boys (7 and 4) watched it and were excited about making the pizza. We changed it up a little, using veggies that were a little more acceptable to their tastebuds, and adding just a smidgen of cheese on top. They had so much fun cooking. I admit that I am terrible about letting them help in the kitchen. Kids in the kitchen = STRESS for me. But watching your calm demeanor in the video helped get me pumped up (pumped up to stay calm — weird, right?), and gave me ideas of jobs that would be appropriate for my helpers. When my little one started making trouble in the kitchen (trying to sneakily use sharp knives, etc), I steered him back to your video and told him to watch and tell us all the steps. Great distraction that made him still feel like he was involved. 🙂 Kids’ verdict on the pizza: tasty, but fell apart too much. I failed to explain that all the toppings wouldn’t stayed glued on top by a greasy swamp of cheese, so they were expecting more of a traditional pizza, I guess. But they ate it, and I was happy.
    All this to say, THANK YOU. For the effort you put into this blog and this video. I look forward to many more visits to your site as I continue my paleo journey. Tomorrow I am making your pot roast recipe!

    1. Hi Laura! Thank you SO much for your feedback! This is exactly why I want to do these cooking demos, because I used to be the same way about having the kids help me in the kitchen – it would totally stress me out, but I have learned to relax a lot and now my cooking life is so much easier and like you experienced, when the kids help you out, they are so much more likely to eat what you want them to! Stick with it girl – I’m proud of you for going for it despite being faced with resistance!! : )

  13. Heather says:

    I loved your video! I also appreciate how you well you explain your ingredients and the steps in making the recipes. (I love the photos of the ingredients) I am, like Laura, a paleo eater in a household of traditional eaters. I have found that your recipes are not only easy to make, but they taste great for everyone. Thanks so much for taking the time to post your fabulous meals!

  14. Tristan says:

    Made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit with the husband and the kids! The video was great and it made my prep and cooking easier since I had watched the video this morning. Also made the egg pancakes today in preparation for breakfast in the morning as we are rushing out the door for school week. Thank you for your recipes!

  15. Sarah,

    Looks great!!! Love your site… My CF coach posted your link today and I am excited to find your recipes… Thank you…

    One suggestion for your kitchen safety… Get a small stool or platform for your son to stand on while using the stovetop… It will allow him to work over the pan and see clearly what he is working on… This will limit the risk of him tilting the pan to see what he is doing…

    Also, for Laura, start with fun and easy cooking projects with your kids… Develop their kitchen skills in a fun way… Don’t stress about the mess, it will all clean-up… Knife skills and proper safety are something I taught my kids early on… Teach them well and take the worry (stress) out of your kitchen….

    Thanks a bunch!!!

    Firefighter Bill

    1. Glad you like the site Bill, and thanks for the suggestions!

  16. Love the pizza idea..Im very new to the low carb…and paleo eating ways…just beginning. One thing missing from your pizza….wheres the cheese?…LOL…I am doing Atkins so we can have cheese…no cheese in paleo?

    Nice video for a first try…a little bit noisy with all the help…but still nice.

  17. Sounds like a great recipe! I’m so glad I found your blog. My sister and I just joined CF. 🙂

  18. Lawrence Louis says:

    This looks absolutely delicious. It’s unfortunate that, because Paleo looks down on dairy products like cheese, you couldn’t put cheese on top of the pizza. Cheese would have acted as a good binding agent to prevent the toppings from slipping off. But I understand that we should not use cheese if we want to stay true to our dedication to Paleo cooking. I wonder if there is something else that could have been used on top of the pizza, instead of cheese, that would congeal to the point that it would make the toppings stick? Maybe an application of egg wash on top of the meat and other toppings? What do you think Sarah? Thanks for the video, and I am looking forward to your book.

    1. Sarah says:

      Hi Lawrence, You could absolutely try applying a wash of egg whites on top to keep it all together if you like, I think that’s a great idea! My family loves this pizza so much I guess we didn’t even notice that the toppings fall off, we just gobble it up with a fork! Let me know if you try it this way and how it turns out!

  19. Kelly says:

    So much fun to watch! I am new (sort of) to paleo… I’ve veered off the path over the past year. Ok, actually I’ve gone over the whole darn cliff. We’ve been eating horribly by our former standards. I just got lazy and with 3 kids in school began throwing anything “packaged” into the lunchboxes. Pathetic!!! It becomes a vicious cycle, because then that’s all the kids want to eat… I used to home-cook EVERY meal for my family of 6, and now that I have found your site I am feeling inspired to do so again. I just stocked up at Sprouts and Costco on veggies, fruits (for the kids) and meat/chicken/fish. Can’t wait to try this pizza.. looks awesome! I need to make a trip to TJ’s for the nitrate/nitrite-free bacon, too. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Sarah says:

      Awesome Kelly, you can do it!! Keep in touch, let me know how things go and best of luck to you!!!

  20. Have you ever thought to try a coconut flour pizza crust? I know that’s certainly Paleo, and might be more like the real thing than just using eggs. You can google online to find one.

    1. Sarah says:

      I have seen the coconut flour crust recipes but have not tried it yet, but we really do love our egg pizza!!!

  21. Sean says:

    I was wondering if you had an idea of where to buy bulk cage free eggs? A lot of your recipes call for high numbers of eggs. Do you buy multiple dozens? Or do you know somewhere where “healthy” eggs are sold in bulk? ie Cage free or organic fresh brown?

    Thanks in advance

  22. Meaghan says:

    I made the breakfast pizza this morning, and it was phenomenal! I had spicy Italian sausage from Simpson’s Family Farm, and it was nice to use a bunch of my random veggies that I had no plans for. I used some sun dried tomato pesto on top of the “crust” which was super tasty! My husband refused to fully acknowledge it as a pizza since for him, cheese is an integral ingredient. I just might treat us this weekend and buy some raw cheese from Homestead Heritage Farm at the farmer’s market as they have 100% grassfed, pastured cows. Thanks so much for making so many delicious recipes available for those, “what do I do with all these leftover veggies in my fridge” moments. 🙂

  23. Cooking at home-the way it almost always should be. In Italy, the locals will tell you that going to a restaurant usually means someone at home can’t cook. And that is a bad thing. When I was 36, I finally forced my parents to go to a restaurant, for the first time. That’s how good a cook my mother (and sometimes my dad) was. It takes time, patience, and a lot of love for the family to cook at home consistently.

    On special occasions, eating out IS essential.

  24. Debbie says:

    I just made this and it is delicious! Thanks for a great recipe.

  25. Gillian says:

    My dad and I made this as a night before thing and it was delicious after we heated it up the next morning. I love this recipe 🙂

  26. Sherrie says:

    Alison from PaleoNonPaleo put this up on fb tonight when I was thinking about what to make for dinner. I’d only watched about 1/2 of the video before I was whipping it up. I watched more of the video while the eggs were in the oven, and in less than half an hour, we were eating this delicious meal! Thank you!

    1. You are very welcome and I glad you enjoyed it!

  27. Thank you, Sarah, for the yummy looking recipe. I can’t wait to try it. I just started learning to cook the Paleo way and I am still trying to wrap my mind around a different way of cooking. I’ve been counting calories off and on (1100 to 1200/day) with the help of My Fitness Pal for a year and a half and have lost 47 lbs., but find I’m at a plateau now. So, I thought I’d change it up in hopes of jump starting the weight loss again. I’ve got another 20ish lbs. to go and this sounds like a healthy way to get the rest off. It just seems strange not to weigh and count calories and I worry that the added calories will cause me to start going up in weight. Any thoughts? I made some Paleo stir fried rice made with cauliflower instead of rice and loved it. Now I’m looking forward to making other things like Spanish Rice and even Beef Stroganoff over the cauliflower rice substitute. Thanks for your video. I’m looking forward to seeing more…Ann :0)

  28. P.S. We lived in Chico for 21 years and move to Texas in 2001. Oh gosh do I miss it, especially Bidwell Park, Bidwell Perk, Downtown Chico, Chico State where my son was a vocal performance major and Jon & Bon’s, but I guess frozen yogurt wouldn’t fit into Paleo, would it??? :0)

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