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It can be this easy

After finally completing the recipe section for my book, which included cooking and photographing over 100 recipes in 3 weeks, I’m kind of tired of cooking….  But – we still have to eat, so tonight I made the simplest dinner that I could eek out and in fact it was so easy, it shouldn’t have tasted as good as it did.  This was however an important reminder that when eating paleo it’s actually really hard to go wrong.  Fresh veggies, meat, and fat is not all that complicated and one has to try pretty darn hard to mess up, especially when keeping it simple.  Here’s a “It Can Be This Easy” meal that I hope you all enjoy as much as we did! Also pictured is another school lunch idea: Turkey slices wrapped around organic broccoli slaw, a hard boiled egg, a Lara Bar, orange slices, and cut up dried all fruit leather.


Roasted Root Veggies and Chicken

2 lbs root veggies, diced into small cubes (I used pre-cut turnips, rutabagas, and parsnips from Trader Joe’s)

4 chicken breasts

2 tablespoons coconut oil

Garlic powder, dried basil, black pepper and sea salt to taste.

Preheat oven to 400.  In a large mixing bowl, toss the root veggies with coconut oil.  Add the veggies to a large glass baking dish and top with the 4 chicken breasts.  Season the chicken with the garlic, basil, pepper and salt.  Cover tightly with the tin foil and back for 45-50 minutes.  Take of the tinfoil and bake for an additional 15 minutes.


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Sarah Fragoso

Sarah Fragoso is an international best selling author of 6 books, co-owner of the Chico, CA based gym JS Strength and Conditioning, and founder of the Everyday Paleo franchise. Sarah is the co-host of the popular Sarah and Dr. Brooke Show podcast and she also conducts workshops and retreats on the subjects of nutrition, lifestyle and fitness.

Her message is from the heart and she carries a genuine desire to help other families looking for guidance. These attributes have contributed to her successes and provide the drive to keep the discoveries coming.

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  1. I love how accessible you make this stuff, Sarah! I try to post my recipes as often as I can, too- but I hardly ever consider them recipes, right?! It’s like… meat, veg, fat, spices– easy as that!

    Keep rocking as an inspiration to moms- I LOVE the lunchbox photos you post- those are AWESOME! I refer moms to your site all the time.

    Much love.
    Diane @ Balanced Bites

  2. Isn’t it just the best feeling when you just throw stuff together to have a meal, thinking that it will just be OK, but then it’s actually really good?! I totally agree with you when you say that eating paleo isn’t tough. I thought that it was going to be really hard, but it’s not as hard as people think!

    I had a quick question for you. I thought I saw a recipe for coconut flour tortillas on your blog, but I can’t seem to find it now. Do you have the recipe still or did am I thinking of the wrong blog?


    1. Hi Jenn! That was me – I actually linked to the recipe from our Norcal site. Here it is! I still haven’t tried to make them myself yet, maybe today is the day! If you make them, let me know what you think.

      1. Tiffany Lindberg says:

        I made them with your enchilada recipe the other day and my brother and I both loved them! Made one again the next day for my leftover chicken 🙂 So quick and easy to make too!

  3. Tracey says:

    Great idea using coconut oil to roast with, don’t know why I never thought of that before. BTW: What is the side salad?? Looks tasty!

    1. Tracey!! The side salad is just a big handful or arugula wish some sliced sweet peppers, olive oil, and a little balsamic. The peppery arugula was great with the sweet root veggies. : )

  4. Cromulent says:

    How much is that Harvest Veggie bag at TJs?

    Aldi carries many of the same items as TJs; I’m checking today whether they carry this one. And since Costco carries sweet potato fries – my wife tells me – maybe they carry something like this too.

    1. Hi Cromulent,
      Oh gosh, I think the bag at TJ’s was around $4? I honestly don’t remember exactly but it was reasonably priced for sure.

  5. Tracey says:

    Thanks Sarah! Always looking for ways to jazz up my side salad:)

  6. Jackie Healy says:

    A book???!! I want a copy. I love your recipes. They are all so tasty. You are making me into a cooking star, my husband is so excited. :). Thank you for all you do.

    1. Hi Jackie, Yes – a book!! It will be released in February, as the date approaches I’ll be giving more details! It will be of course a cook book but also a guide book of sorts as well, also with a fitness section!

  7. Diane, Thanks girl – you rock!! : )

  8. That looks great, I’ll have to try that

  9. Summer says:

    Sarah, Thanks for such an awesome blog! Having been a vegetarian for 19 years I just finished my 30 day Paleo trial. Yay me. I feel so much better (and look better too!) and your blog has been an inspiration. Keep the ideas coming and can’t wait for your book!

    1. Hi Summer – so glad that you’re feeling better, that’s awesome to hear!! : )

  10. Sarah, I really enjoy your blog and find your recipes tasty and inspiring. I don’t have kids yet, but I am concerned about how much it costs to feed a family of 4 or 5 on a paleo diet. Are you (or any of your readers) willing to share how much your family budgets for groceries on a weekly or monthly basis to eat in such a delicious and healthy way? It would just help to have some point of reference. Thanks! I will be looking forward to your book 🙂

  11. Reshma says:


    Thank you for this! I just made this whole dinner and am taking a break from eating it to tell you how delicious it is! I love your blog and your recipes — you have truly made going Paleo so much easier than I ever expected. Looking forward to your cookbook!

  12. Monica says:

    I’m a relative babe to Paleo (3 months) and going from dining out every night to cooking every night has been trying, lol. This recipe is so easy and so delicious. Thanks!

  13. Melissa says:

    Loved it!! I made this tonight and I think I’m in love with those root vegetables now, so good, and the coconut oil really gives the veggies a delicious flavor. Thank you for such an easy recipe, I think it took a total of 3 minutes of prep ( I used the precut root veggies from TJs)!! Can’t wait for my leftovers tomorrow!!

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